Simply Mother


οne more part of my famous "Simply Series".
It's about a wild motherhood.


At a waterfall somewhere in Ikaria


rest 4

mother & baby at river paradise



Wednesday September 26, 2007 – 10:04pm (EEST)

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  1. Eleni said

    What a brilliant update!
    I just can’t say nothing else…


    He aqui mi cara de felicidad


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  2. Angelos Ka said


    This is wonderful procreation!
    I will have to remember to add the link under some of the photos that come from my stream in Flickr. Take these fresh ones from our friend Zoi l’ Amie in facebook.


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  3. .

    And more is on the way by Isa and little Edda

    Edda in Ikaria by Isabelle Wuilmart

    Edda in Ikaria by Isabelle Wuilmart

    Edda in Ikaria by Isabelle Wuilmart


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