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An U/W shot from Ikaria in TSDR Calendar 2016

«Dive with me» by Peggy Zouti on The Skinny Dipping Calendar 2016~

I sulk in Ikaria I’ve made this post together with Eleni who always keeps an eye on me and doesn’t let’s me sulk. The story is that an amazing underwater picture taken by a Greek girl in Ikaria in 2015 appears in this year’s edition of the renowned, New York based, Skinny Dipping Report Calendar! One for every month, the locations included are: 1) Nevada Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA USA, 2) Cheaspeake Bay, Maryland USA, 3) Still Creek, Rhododendron, Oregon, USA, 4) Cabo de Palos, Murcia, Spain, 5) Boranup Beach, Boranup, Western Australia, 6) Munds Springs, Sedona, Arizona, 7) Cala Llamp,
Andtratx, Mallorca, Ballearic islands, Spain, 8) Cozalandia Falls, San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, 9) Noosa, Queensland, Australia, 10) Snake River, Grand Teton National Park, WY, USA, 11) Nas beach, Ikaria island, Greece, 12) Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. If that was not enough, the 11th picture was chosen for the cover!
……………………………………❤ 😀


All 12 SD pictures in TSDR Calendar 2016

These are the facts. As for the impressions, I will be as thrifty with words as Peggy Zouti, the maker of this picture. That’s all she said  about her little triumph on her wall in facebook
few days ago:
«THE SKINNY DIPPING REPORT: The World’s Leading Authority on Swimming Naked and Doing it Well. For all those who LOVE swimming naked this is a calendar and a guide to swimming naked in beautiful post around the world, with real people and real stories. My real story is on November at Nas beach, Ikaria island, Greece and also the cover of the calendar!» ^^’

Peggy Zouti’s post on facebook about her picture.
Peggy is a Flickr friend, younger, more daring and 100% more photographer than I am. Below is her original photo, the «Dive with me» (under the same sky) from Ikaria in her page on Flickr. Click on it to see it and let her see her page views rise! Perhaps after that she will tell us the story that goes with the picture!

Original «Dive with me» from the set: «Under the same sky» by Peggy Zouti on Flickr~



Quotes, sources and resources about TSDR and SD in general:

«In the 21st century, we
TSDR on tumblrare witnessing the blurring of the dichotomy between photographer and subject. As the camera lens ceases to subjugate as it once did, a third category of nude imagery is emerging that is neither porn nor advertising but social erotica. To be sure, there is still a transaction at play but the currency is far more social than it is monetary.»
— The Skinny Dipping Report (tumblr)


TSDR on instagramSkinny-dipping is the world’s most universally recognized erotic social experience. For many, it was our first time being naked outdoors, even our first time being naked with someone else. Our first skinny dip may have been an act of rebellion, perhaps from parents, friends, or simply our own fears. We reassured ourselves and maybe each other with the promise that darkness TSDR on instagramand water would conceal our naked bodies, when secretly we knew there was plenty of light to see. It was a good excuse to subvert our own fears of being naked together.
In skinny-dipping – the memory, the idea, and the feeling – there is much to explore.»
— The Skinny Dipping Report (instagram)


TSDR on FlickrThe Internet has democratized cultural production in all conceivable media and genres. It should come as no surprise that has also fundamentally altered the production and sharing of nude imagery, both in practice and intent. TSDR on Flickr What inspires women to submit their naked photos online? The short answer is – Control. The ability to show yourself on your terms, how you’d like to be seen, free from the distortion of someone else’s viewpoint and the sanitizing of Photoshop. For some contributors this is an exposition of pure art. For others it’s a rebellious gesture, erotic expression, a desire to be desired, or a cathartic process. And for everyone, as we’re told every day, it’s just hugely fun. In the 8 years since we began collecting folios we’ve amassed around one million raw images from over 5 thousand contributors in nearly 8000 folios (not all are online, yet). We get more visitors than the Guggenheim, we have a larger collection than the Louvre and track the zeitgeist like the Tate cannot.»
— The Skinny Dipping Report (Flickr)


That’s all.
To be honest, as far as I am concerned, I am out of words. From Ikaria Greece, through Valencia Spain, to New York USA! Out here in this little island of rocks I will never allow myself to sulk any more!


10 Σχόλια

Μια στιγμούλα ξανά πίσω στο «Νησί»



Αισθάνομαι πως δεν μπορώ να συνεχίσω αν πρώτα δεν σας έδειχνα το ποίημα που ‘γραψε η καινούργια φίλη μου η αινιγματική Elina Elina lafinaLafina

με έμπνευση τους πιο δυνατούς στίχους από το ποίημα «Το Νησί»  Ώ τιμή- το αφιέρωσε σε μένα!

I k a r i a

love in the wild

Στη γη μας,

τα χρώματα τρώγονται

ψυχή έχουνε ερωτιάρικη

Ikaria 189 by isl_gr

και μυρωδιές

χορταίνουν πρώτα την ψυχή

και ταρακουνάνε τον κόσμο μας…

 by streunerin

Ο κόσμος μας…

Α! αυτός

ποτέ δεν ήταν μπερδεμένος

Ikaria 163 by isl_gr

εργένης ήταν

που στα εξήντα του

ανέραστος ακόμη και στυμμένος,

Blue window by infiltracions

μαθαίνει πως ο έρωτας

μπορεί ξέρει να κρύβεται

στην σκιά,

 by streunerin

στο τίποτε,

και σε μια φέτα καρπούζι τον Αύγουστο…

waves watching by Fotis in mood

Αλάτι για τις πληγές τις αγιάτρευτες

που και με μέλι πονάνε

Little Mermaid in Ikaria.. by Midas touch

Σύκα και φραγκόσυκα της ευλογίας

Το μπλέ τραγουδάει

δεν σωπαίνει όταν κρύβεται το νερό

Ikaria 025 by isl_gr

και χαϊδεύει ερωτιάρικα

τ’ αγκάθια που πληγώνουν

τα παχουλά ποδαράκια

Ikaria August 2007162 by raposa7

τα γυμνά,

τα κρυμμένα. σαν μυστικά του χειμώνα…

Vrilissos volunteers in Ikaria 1 by angeloska

Ναργιλέδες και πετεινοί ανάκατοι

με τις φωτιές που τις καρδιές πλανεύουν

με τον χώρο παίζουν,

αυτόν που τραγουδάει

το μοιρολόγι του γελώντας.

A monster by infiltracions

Και ταξιδεύουν το μυαλό και την καρδιά

σε τόπους μακρυνούς…

Αμοργός by isl_gr

τα φύλλα της συκιάς σου

πόθους κρύβουν

για ταξίδια σε σώματα πέτρινα

στις απέναντι όχθες.

Who are you calling me? by angeloska

Κι ο Ερμής σου ερωτευμένος

τώρα λογαριάζει μετοχές

με σκουριασμένους δείκτες,

Love in the wild

κοιτώντας το νησί σου

σε virtual travel sites…

. by sjoerdtenkate

© Elina L. July 2008

Οι φωτογραφίες είναι ελεύθερα κι αυθαίρετα διαλεγμένες από μένα.

Μερικές τις βρήκα στις σελίδες του γκρουπ της Ικαρίας στο Φλικρ.

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Sunday August 31, 2008 – 10:05pm (EEST)


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Κοντεύω να πάθω ζημιά. Να μη μπορώ να διάβασω ένα κείμενο για την Ικαρία, ποίημα ή πεζό, ακόμα και είδηση στην εφημερίδα και μπροστά στα μάτια μου αναβοσβήνουν καταπληκτικές εικονίτσες thumbnails!

Monday September 1, 2008 – 07:57pm (EEST)

Μα αυτό ακριβώς επιδιώκουμε. Να αναβοσβήνουν εικονίτσες (bling blong blink) κι έτσι να μη βαρεθείς να μένεις εκεί που μένεις και να κάνεις αυτά που κάνεις!
Κι εγώ (κ κάποιοι άλλοι) να συνεχίσουμε να ερχόμαστε κ να ξαναρχόμαστε ώσπου κάποια μέρα… …
Tuesday September 2, 2008 – 12:09pm (EEST)
Ευχαριστώ για τη δημοσίευση!
Thursday September 4, 2008 – 02:09am (EEST)