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Europe -fires actually

The breath of the desert; or the «reverse glacier»; or just «IT«

Follow IT as it’s moving away from Greece. Poor Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Algeria…

Πέρα από αυτά, μια πιστή δημοσιογραφική περιγραφή της κατάστασης που οδήγησε στις φωτιές θα βρείτε στην ΚΥΡΙΑΚΑΤΙΚΗ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑ. «Οι λίγοι νέοι, οι γέροι κι οι Αλβανοί, που αφήσαμε έρμαιους στο πιο ωραίο κομμάτι της ψυχής μας».
Κι η Ελένη βλέποντας στη τηλεόραση τον χαμό, όλο μου ‘λεγε
«Ο Δράκος του παραμυθιού υπάρχει.
Και τα παληκάρια παίζουν paintball στο Γέρακα».

Friday August 31, 2007 – 02:12pm (EEST)

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I owe the term «reverse glacier» to AKK. That’s in my previous entry. He in his turn was inspired by «tragopodaros» comment on Yiannis pic in Flickr (open link to Flickr in previous entry). Our English friend writes that while all this is happening, it’s constantly raining in England.
There is a reverse analogy to what was happening in prehistory. At the fringes of the great European glaciers it was always raining… That’s where the Mamoths lived…
Friday August 31, 2007 – 02:55pm (EEST)
Lurid. But useful.
And it’s constantly raining in Denmark too.
Friday August 31, 2007 – 05:55am (PDT)
Somehow I stopped being afraid. On one hand it is good that the fires coincided with the eloctions in Greece because the politicians are hopefully going to take some fast measures for the people; on the other hand it is bad that we have the elections right now, because all this noise is obscuring the cause of the phenomenon.
It would be very interesting to investigate if this is a combination of the human factor (large economic interests, death of the traditional agriculture and shepherdry, neglect and abadonment of the nature) and climate change (whether caused by the human factor or not).he he…
(there I am -smiling again…)
About the Greenhouse effect, Hollywood told us that we are going to flood and the scyscrapers will be underwater, but they didn’t tell us we in the lower temperate zone are going to burn! Weren’t they biased? Caring only about the up northern zone of the Northern hemisphere?
Friday August 31, 2007 – 12:35pm (PDT)
‘Athina’ -> if the Mamoths prospered under the cold shadow of the great European glaciers, what forms of life would live under the hot shadow of the desert actually?
‘Elle’ -> So happy you have recovered! Yes, you are right. Those damn elections do not let us experience best this «Disaster Movie». And there is hardly anything on the news about the situation in other Mediterranean countries.
Saturday September 1, 2007 – 01:27pm (EEST)
@AKK : what’s the opposite of the mamoth? the ants, of course. Think man. Think. Skinny, naked little creatures, powerful and COLLECTIVE 🙂 Their life is very exciting -btw. In fact there is no «ant», There is «ants». That’s the animal.The swarm. Το σμήνος. The future belongs to them.
Sunday September 2, 2007 – 10:02pm (EEST)
OK…No HTML please λέει και δεν το πρόσεξα…
Monday September 3, 2007 – 12:11pm (EEST)
skinny, naked little creatures…
I may not survive but you take care of my son in your ant-hole, ok?
Monday September 3, 2007 – 08:50am (PDT)