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.The most ferocious and violent animal of Ikaria! 😉 by Nana to agrimi on Flickr


This is Master Wicked Marten, (Martes martes, loc. «Atsida») the most ferocious and violent animal of Ikaria. Or at least this how the New Round of Rahes on Foot describes it: small sized but fierce predator. I like to call it “weasel” but in fact it’s a marten. It’s called “nyfitsa” or “kounavi” in Greek. It is very common in Ikaria and in some other islands. The people in Ikaria use the local name “atsida” which means something like “wizard”. So it is “The Wicked Wizard”!


The Wicked Wizard has very sharp teeth and four pointed canines like a vampire. It comes out at night, finds its victims, strangles them and sucks their blood (I can’t tell you which it does first; I suppose it’s the sucking.) Then the Atsida/Wizard is happy and shrieks. When I was with Eleni in Ikaria and heard that shriek in the middle of the night, we liked to imagine that we were in some remote exotic land.

.Pine marten on our roof

Some Atsidas repent for their sins and go vegetarian. So you can see them on trees looking for fruit. Or they may be pretending. Atsidas are very cunning animals.




Who can be the victims of Atsida?
Human babies – votes : 10
Goat kids – votes : 1
Virgins – votes : 30
Chicken – votes : 3
Other vampire creatures – votes : 14
Rabbits – votes : 4
Cats – votes : 1


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This gets better and better!
He looks so sweet – surely he can’t be doing all those bad things!?
(I think these martens are in my forest too – but of course we never see them, or any of the other mammals.)

Wednesday April 25, 2007 – 10:40am (CEST)

Sweet? Have you heard it shrieking? And those cute cheeks do you know what deadly sharp teeth hide behind them? And the fixed gaze? (your death=my life) I LOVE IT! 😅 ❤

Wednesday April 25, 2007 – 01:11pm (EEST)

There is something slightly worrying about you too, nana…

Wednesday April 25, 2007 – 03:09pm (CEST)

@ Simon G : a girl from Crete (who has renounced Crete) with a nickname «Agrimi» means to be worrying…
@ egotoagrimi : it’s cute the little beast, whatever u say.

Thursday April 26, 2007 – 01:51am (PDT)

@ Eleni : Unless, of course, if you are chicken. 😲 😲

Fortified chicken house in Ikaria

Thursday June 17, 2009 – 01:51am (PDT)