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Two Long Traveling Visitors

'Role the World' - Chris and Sara May's blog about their trip from Greece to India by bicycle
Hi, we are Chris and Sara-may and we are going to travel to India by bike! On our way we are going to make stops to work on farms and volunteer in different projects to help local people a hand and get a great experience and a bed and food in return.Hello
In March 2016 Chris and Sara-May passed from our island on their way from Greece to India by bicycle! Isn’t it amazing? I am sharing Aside from the adventure, the freedom, and to get in good shape for summer – just kidding-, we both crave to learn life through practice after years of studying. In order to get a deeper understanding in who we are and what we want. Biking long distances can get you in a meditative state and gets you to places you otherwise might never end up.with you the part of their blog ‘Role the World’ related to Ikaria. It was a great pleasure for me to assemble this entry. I wish these two long traveling visitors all the good luck from the bottom of my heart!



View of the Ikarian coast from the road

«Icaria turned out to be a whole different story. However the island is almost next to Mykonos it has a different climate and is therefore very foresty and has a lot of variety in the landscape. We could pick the food of the ground, and picked herbs like sage, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, a camomille variety, malve, and vegetables like wild carrot for our dishes. But it is not only the climate that makes Icaria special. It is also the course of history that gave Icaria a special identity.»

1st night in Ikaria: camp in Fytema

«Icarian people did not had it easy in the course of history due to famines, the wars in the 1940s and constant piracy and Turkish occupation. These circumstances made them also innovative, brave and authentic. For example they destroyed their ports to protect themselves against pirates. Consequently this made them one of the best boat engineers in the Cyclades, because they needed to develop special trics to come on shore.»

Only Love

«In 1912 they also had their own revolution against the Turkish and declared independence for five months. These months they also had their own flag, national anthem, own stemps etc. However, they were occupied by Turkey again while the rest of Greece became a united country. During the Greek civil war (1946-1949) the exiled communists were send to the island which gave Icaria the nickname ‘the Red rock”.»

Idyllic camping spot in the mountains of Ikaria

«Anthony J. Papalas wrote an interesting book about the history of the island titled, «Rebels and Radicals». And somehow you can feel this identity when you wonder around the island. An island that for a long time did not have a lot of connections with the outside world, except for some trade with the neighbouring islands. In the 1970s the Greek government started to invest in the island to boost touristy industry. And however summer can be busy, Icaria remained under the radar of many tourists.»

«Icarian communities»

Campfire in Kiparissi beach north Ikaria

«The night we arrived it was rainy and stormy. We found a beach recommended by an Icarian we found through couchsurfing. Camping life started here, so we discovered that we had only a few tent pins and that our old tent was not waterproof. The tent got blown away almost two times, until we found an old building we could hide under. The next day was full of sunshine so we could dry our stuff and call our first contact: Lefteris from couchsurfing.»

Lefteris and Kaira

«Lefteris responded that we were welcome to stay at his house. We were very lucky to meet him and his girlfriend Irini and not only because we were save from story nights. After cycling some pretty challenging mountain Lefteris picked us up to bring us to a music jam session at his friends house. We arrived in a beautiful little cottage house. Niko the owner transformed four old walls into a cousy house filled with soul.»

Improvised fiesta gathering in Ikaria

«We were lucky to arrive that weekend because there were several fiestas before the Greek fasting period of 40 days. Friends gather together make delicious food, bring their own wine and their music instruments for some cousy evenings. We were offered some great food, wine and company. Thereby the music jam sessions with typical Greek instruments was amazing to experience.»

In the soup lab of our second couchsurfing hosts Lefteris and Irini (Icaria, Greece). Great people who showed us the nice icarian spirit with a lot of hospitality people.

«The night after we visited the second house where many people gathered and the table was filled with fava, the meat of their own pig, bulgur salads, rice, roasted bread, potatoes and of course local strong red wines. These fiesta gatherings were really amazing and we met many great people. We could stay three nights at Lefteris place. He showed us the area and Irini showed us her little soap factory. Which can be read here. We said goodbye and started our cycling journey around the island.»

Swimming in Seychelles beach in March.

«We camped at some amazing places. Also at the famous Seychelles beach with water so blue, you have to wear sunglasses. However at this beach we endured a very stormy night again where Sara was afraid we would get caught between the sea and the rocks. However everything turned out to be fine and we woke up at one of the most beautiful beaches of the islands.»

Camping at paradise but stormy “Seychelles” beach in south Icaria.

«During camping we built campfires and cook our vegetables with rice and bouillon: a delicious meal. We have breakfast with three different kind of fruits and oats. We need to stay healthy for the mountains we have to climb.»

Relaxing in the warm springs of Lefkada Ikaria in March.

«When we ask people to fill up our water we often get many treats. In ten days we cycled form north Icaria to south, to north again to pick up the forgotten phone at the post office and to south again where our ferry would leave. In the south we discovered the amazing hot springs: for free, nobody there, where you can chill in a hot bath in the sea.»

This cute lady invited us for pizza and shared her life story’s with us (Icaria, Greece).

«Near Agios Kerykos, the capital we met the 76-year old Helene in a dark street. A lonely lady who speaks English fluently because she lived and married in America for a while. She could not walk well but that did not keep her from giving us a tour and telling about her growing up on the island. A tough time. According to Helen the second world war was not such a bad period compared to the Greek civil war. And also the conservative climate and strict education made it hard for her, especially because she was an orphan. Her bad marriage with the American tha did not want to have children with an orthodox christian woman did not made it a lot easier afterwards.»

Windsafe camping spot in south Ikaria.

«She was so happy to meet us that she insisted to treat us ” the best pizza in Icaria”. We exchanged phone numbers and the next day we met Helene at restaurant Feloti. Where she told us she is a joker. She wants to make jokes all the time, but at night she cries in her bed she says. Being strucked by all kind of diseases like artritos. We enjoyed her stories so much and are very happy to meet this chatty and lively old lady in the dark streets of Icaria.»

We met this french guy in a old greek tavern with life music and shared food. He invited us for a night in his house (Icaria, Greece).

«In two days we managed to go from south to north to pick up our phone. It started to rain pretty bad and the way was longer than we imagined. However we did manage to see the Icarian carnaval parade in Evdilos. We contacted Yannis, a friend of Lefteris who saved us and took us on our last night to another fiesta with again great food, wine and people. A perfect goodbye to this special island. We could spend the night at a french guy we met a the party and after some nice breakfast we left for our way back to the other side of the island where we would leave by ferry to our third island: Chios.»

Additional pictures

a wonderful old lady who likes to gives cookies when blond strangers cycle in front of her house… (Icaria, Greece). Lefteris just started his own project with friends: He offers hiking tours and can tell about the islands and its ecological environment. Irini is a graduated sociologist. Since three years she moved from Athens to Icaria and is now busy with starting a soap business. Her hobby: making soaps got out of hand and she is now ready to start her Syneme soaps in shops. Syneme is Icarian slang for something like: if its meant to happen, it will happen. However it is very difficult to sell soaps without official papers. We were lucky to see her little working place next to the house where you can totally work in serenity with clean herbal smells. Couchsurfing at Lefteris place. With the supercute dog Kaira and a Rummikub session. Chris having breakfast in Seychelles beach. “Industrial style” in Icaria’s capital Ag. Kirikos.




People like Chris and Sara May who visited Ikaria:

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Saturday, November 19 2016

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Οι χειμωνιάτικοι καταρράκτες του μικρού Ναναζόνιου



Οι χειμωνιάτικοι καταρράκτες του μικρού Ναναζόνιου



Γεια σας αναγνώστες του μπλογκ του αγριμιού. Είμαι ο Άγγελος από τον Ορειβατικό Πεζοπορικό Σύλλογο Ικαρίας. Για άλλη μία φορά βρίσκομαι εδώ καλεσμένος από την ευγενική οικοδέσποινα για να παρουσιάσω ένα σπουδαίο εποχιακό ποταμό του νησιού μας, τον «μικρό Ναναζόνιο» ή «Βουτσιδέ» όπως τον λένε κανονικά οι ντόπιοι λαοί. 🙂 Ο Ναναζόνιος ή Βουτσιδές λοιπόν πηγάζει από το Δάσος του Ράντη. Αφού διασχίσει τα δασωμένα υψώματα της περιοχής του χωριού «Φραντάτο» ξεχύνεται στην κοιλάδα του Κάμπου και εκβάλλει στη θάλασσα στην ομώνυμη παραλία που βρίσκεται περίπου στη μέση του νησιού. Πολλά είναι τα ενδιαφέροντα που αφορούν αυτόν τον ποταμό που μάλλον είναι ο τρίτος ή τέταρτος σε μέγεθος στην Ικαρία, τόσο από ιστορική, όσο και από περιβαλλοντική και γεωλογική άποψη, ωστόσο εδώ δεν θα γράψουμε διατριβές, αλλά θα δείξουμε μόνο τα αξιοθέατα. Θα κάνουμε μια βόλτα στους καταρράκτες του!

Χάρτης της διαδρομής ^^’

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

. Οι φωτογραφίες που έχουν προστεθεί στον χάρτη προέρχονται από διάφορες χειμωνιάτικες και ανοιξιάτικες εξερευνήσεις που έγιναν σε διάφορες φάσεις από φίλους και φίλες ξεκινώντας το χειμώνα του 2005-6, ενώ η τελευταία έγινε μόλις πριν λίγες μέρες. Έτσι μαζεύτηκε αρκετό υλικό και η οικοδέσποινα ζήτησε τη δημοσίευση του. Όπως μου είπε, δεν ήθελε πια ο Ναναζόνιος να είναι μόνο δικός της. Όμως προσοχή! Αν και η βόλτα από το χωριό του Κάμπου μέχρι τον ποταμό είναι σύντομη, εύκολη και απολαυστική, από εκεί και πέρα η αναρρίχηση στους καταρράκτες παρουσιάζει μεγάλες δυσκολίες και κινδύνους γι’ αυτό και απευθύνεται αποκλειστικά σε έμπειρους ορειβάτες. Όπως θα δείτε σε ορισμένες από τις παρακάτω φωτογραφίες, οι υδατοπτώσεις προσφέρονται για ραπέλ, ενώ οι λίμνες («λιβάδες») είναι καλές για μπάνιο όσο έχει νερό ο ποταμός, δηλαδή μέχρι και τον Μάιο. Πληροφορίες μπορείτε να ζητήσετε, αφού γίνετε μέλος, στο facebook group: «Ορειβάτες Πεζοπόροι Ικαρίας» ή στο facebook page: «Ορειβατικός Πεζοπορικός Σύλλογος Ικαρίας».

Οι καταρράκτες του Βουτσιδέ όπως φαίνονται από τον Κάμπο. Φωτό : Ελένη Ικ. 2006 v shaped ravine in the sun Ο χωματόδρομος στο βάθος της κοιλάδας στην περιοχή Καμίνια Ο σκύλος φύλακας για τα ζώα στην περιοχή Καμίνια Το πέρασμα του ποταμού Σημάδι στο δρόμο για το βουνό The river that almost got my name! The river that almost got my name! Μετά τον ποταμό ο χωματόδρομος συνεχίζεται Μοσχαράκι Παλιά πεζούλια κι ελιές ανάμεσα στους βράχους Βράχοι και ελιές. Στο βάθος η βραχοπλαγιά Η κλίση μεγαλώνει όμως τα πεζούλια και οι ελιές συνεχίζονται Ο πλημμυρισμένος δρόμος Αν δεν βρέξεις τα πόδια σου δεν περνάς ποταμό Μεγάλη λιβάδα στον πλημμυρισμένο δρόμο. Από εδώ αρχίζει η αναρρίχηση για τους καταρράκτες Voutsides waterfalls #2 Voutsides waterfalls #3 Ikaria 056 Γενικά νερά ενώ σκαρφαλώνουμε Κι άλλη μεγάλη λιβάδα ενώ σκαρφαλώνουμε Κι άλλα γενικά νερά Οπτική επαφή με τον καταρράκτη Πεζούλι, σπηλιά, κορίτσι, χαμόγελο Σκαρφαλώνοντας Υδατόπτωση Πεζούλι 1 Πεζούλι 2 (ξεκούραση) Υδατόπτωση (κοντινό) - φωτό Νανά Σκ. 2011 Το βουνό του Κοσκινά όπως φαίνεται από τη βραχοπλαγιά του καταρράκτη Γλυπτοί βράχοι, κορίτσι στα σκούρα, ορίζοντας μπλε Υδατόπτωση (κοντινό) - φωτό Νανά Σκ. 2010 Αγγελολιβάδα (κοντινό) - φωτό Νανά Σκ. 2010 Κάλτσες και μποτάκια Μετά το μπάνιο - φωτό Νανά Σκ. 2009 Λιβάδα σε υψόμετρο - φωτό Νανά Σκ. Απρίλης 2009 near Larisse 4 near Larisse 3 Το εμπόδιο της βραχοπλαγιάς Κορίτσι σε κλοιό από βράχους Πρέπει να σκαρφαλώσεις; Ωχ! Ο κύριος καταρράκτης - φωτό Νανά Σκ. 2008 Τέλος καλό, όλα καλά


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Spring Clean


natural in nature

«Adventure. 💙One of my missions this year was to stand under a waterfall naked at least once. Never mind the leeches that were all over my feet! It was glorious.» photo by Hannah Hakkenberg on Instagram, © All rights reserved Invoke. I use this space to invoke the magic of following your heart & wearing it on your sleeve. Let me be free to express myself.» photo by Hannah Hakkenberg on Instagram, © All rights reserved

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Scouting in Perameria by egotoagrimi

Sometimes or often in places where there are no people around.
These places are many.
You wouldn’t believe how many they are and how beautiful they are.
I hope I fit.

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Ω, η Μανόν των Πηγών!..

Και βέβαια «you fit» κι ευλογημένος είμαι ΄γω που έχω δει αυτήν την αρμονία!

Ikarian ravine 1 Ikarian ravine 2

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