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Four Seasons in Ikaria

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……….. Sour cherry pick Ikaria forever …………….
After Eleni loaded a set of new photos on Flickr last.month, mutual friends said that I should show some stuff too. Well, here is the stuff, sixty-two, both old, known and unknown, pictures from our life and times in Ikaria in the four seasons of the year. Most of them have always been on Flickr,.only that they were set ‘private’. If you open the pictures in the source, you will be able to read.the titles, some explanations and links back to this blog 😉

On the other hand, if you are in a hurry you can just watch the slideshow which will load very soon.after you click on the picture below. With more that 100 photos by now, it’s like a short film! I hope that you will enjoy at least that one. 🙂


Slideshow of my new pictures in Flickr

Green valley inside 2007Green valley panorama 1992ikarian stepsGoing swimming on the mountainNo to the giant wind turbine plant on mt AtherasFall of IcarusNight swimSecret beach 1Some people campHaunted watermillA friend in the desertThe Magic of IkariaFog in the valleyrocky trail runningSecret beach 2a bed 1a bed 2


Unexpected encountersMy favorite pool in the snowFound it at lastMy SeliniΛαγουδότοπος μετά που χιόνισεSnow, Cliffs, WaterfallsLocal girlKampamy closed windowfood in the wild pickledChanneling the streamJust a pinefood in the wildsexy place


Talking TreeHawthorn with white blossoms on the plateauomMaking a reservoirYoung birdwatchersAquariumStacking stonesHard to be alonepermacultureVase with wild flowers and herbsWe sleptCharakasSometimes we see people


I wake up at 5 amFog on the mountainUpstream trekkingwild coast 2wild coast 1juniperThe pools of Upper Chalaresmy swimming mateBroken MikadoDon't be afraid of meResident evil :-)Girl in my gorgeTribute to Maria FilopoulouThea's place in NasThe bench in the gardenGroovy anarchy in NasCollecting herbsA runner found a poolMountain refuge and lovenestBlue jellyMisty forested hillsJosh across live beehivesJosh on Ammoudia plateauΓκρούβαλος στην αυλήBike storm in Proesperabutterfly & nail polishPussy storm ιn ProesperaRiding the jumping goatsAgro Expo 1Agro Expo 2Balancing rock with cairn on topOld house at the waterfallsTrio at the green poolTower & Thymemore wave playgroundTrahilas Ikaria

Friday, August 14, 2015

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Cozied Up



Old entry updated on November 10, 2012.

The same things over again, just a few newer thoughts…

Roof over our heads for the winter in Ikaria
So again I am taken in to spend the winter
and again I hope this old roof  above our heads holds, because if not,
I and my friend Elina Picking Olives 1
who I have been picking olives with, will have to find a shelter, something maybe like this.
an eventuality that’s making us laugh and think about the life of one of the patron saints of this island, Saint Theoktisti of Lesbos, an ascet whose adventurous life you can read in Paros life magazine in two issues: St. Theoktisti (part i) and St. Theoktisti (part ii) She seemed to be an Aegean version of St Mary of Egypt
Saint Mary, also known as Maria Aegyptica
so the icons testify
Poor little thing, she had escaped the pirates and she was living in the forests (!!!) of Paros all naked and wild, trusting only to God until near the end of her life she was discovered by a pious hunter who gave her a christian burial. Later her bones were considered holly and miraculous and they somehow ended up in Ikaria.
After the proliferate, here’s the asceticAbout the old convent that those bones were kept (until they disappeared and probably hidden somewhere for safety) Eleni has written a few lines in her blog long ago but they are still valid:
(At Theoskepasti, the old mushroom shaped chapel of St Theoktisti in Ikaria) «…the natural, human and divine connect and there are some typical Ikarian concepts involved too, such as balance (the rock), poverty (obvious), economy (obvious too), integration and harmony with nature (though it’s by no means small, you can’t see it until you are actually there). So I’d call this a “lowlight” an Ikarian highlight!«
.Devil's nuns Ikaria
Anyway, I hope that we won’t become too ascetic this year or any other year. It’s as thorny here as to make any serious ascet envious…
Yet Immortality will have to wait.Skywatcher
And (though it’s tempting) we won’t be Miss Anielas either

We’d better repair that roof the soonest possible ’cause our boyfriends are coming to visit!!!


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