Hiking routes by OPS Ikarias in Google maps

OPS Ikarias Google maps

Ranti Forest on OPS Ikarias Google maps



OPS Ikarians on Mt Atheras

eopsilogo-bw2Let’s see a few cool hiking routes created on Google maps by the Mountain Climbing and Hiking Club of Ikaria. In spite the lack of support by government and privates, OPS Ikarias are doing more than their best to promote hiking in Ikaria.

1) The Round of Eastern Messaria in Ikaria on Foot
(See also: «Old lanes revisited»)

2) Winter Explorations in Voutsides river in Messaria
(See also: «Οι χειμωνιάτικοι καταρράκτες του μικρού Ναναζόνιου»)

3) The Round of Radi Forest on Foot
(See also: «Legends about Ikaria: The Forest of Radi»)


a hiking round in the wild mountains of western Ikaria

(Also: «HINTERLAND: γύρος στην ορεινή ενδοχώρα της δυτικής Ικαρίας.»)

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