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One more of the Simply series to respond to soulsister’s request. A pleasure actually as JR’s photos from Ikaria are… well, see for yourselves. The source blog is in Finnish, how original!.. Google translated the titles in English. Move over the thumbnails to read them. The order is by date from 2-5-08 to 27-7-08. If you hate scrolling down this long page, you can have it the horizontal way and look at Jonna’s photos from Ikaria one after the other in a special gallery. Enjoy.



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Wednesday September 29, 2011
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  1. Gave me trouble to formate and I was in a hurry because I wanted to go out last night. Now I think it’s ok now. Have you looked at her photos in the special gallery?
    Tip to WordPressers: After copy-pasting photos from an external source, if you add the titles in the special title box, WP creates a gallery showing outside the blog entry! WoW! The only problem is that the gallery is not available in a direct link. To find the gallery you have to go to your admin page/multimedia, get the link of the first photo and save it. It’s as good as a frontpage.

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  2. Eleni said

    This is better than any other simply! I want to be her age again; and let it be spring and let it be in Ikaria and let everythng end with a wedding a few years later!

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