The New Savages

Simply better than the Rainbow people
This post is a sequel of «Sliding Ikarian Impressions»
There is no money but indeed. art flourishes in times of crisis.
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Annamaria and Doria crossing the River 1  Annamaria and Doria crossing the River 2

Atalandi by the River Kate Sorin and Marte by the River

Maria by the River Kate Sorin and Marte by the River
Atalandi by the Sea  Holm Oak, Ikaria 2

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

  Studio paintings in acrylic on board and canvas
Jan/Feb 2011  by Paul Lewis (all rights reserved)
Note: Being connected to Paul in Flickr, again one of my photos
inspired one of his paintings.
I'm proud again!
New Savages, Nas, Ikaria
Rainbow people Elina in a secret cove, Ikaria Nana in a secret cove, Ikaria 1 Nana in a secret cove, Ikaria 3 Nana in a secret cove, Ikaria 4
Thursday May 13, 2011
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  1. angelosk said

    The black and white pictures featuring some known faces 😉 were taken in 2007 by a friend on facebook, Dimitris Zita Zoidis Dimitris


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  2. […] του Paul Lewis που έχω ξαναγράψει άρθρα μου γι’ αυτόν [link] και έχω δημοσιεύσει εικόνες [link], και που με το που είδα […]


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    to let ourselves flow is the only way of being

    A post shared by Theodora 👽 (@theodora_deltona) on

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