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Ana Parrilla

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Friday November 12, 2009
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  1. angelosk said

    I see an Update that gives me at last the opportunity to share with this blog’s readers the story of Seychelles beach in Ikaria

    Happy at Seychelles beach, Ikaria

    it goes:

    «…The dream beach was created by accident. They dropped the stones from the tunnel on the side of the cliff; soon after during a winter night the very high waves of a storm dragged and pilled them in a spot right under the tunnel where the coastline makes a curve like a cavern. The surf gradually leveled the huge pile into a new pebble beach of an incredible whiteness and cleanliness. However, as this happened in winter when the fishing boats stayed in port, also because the beach can’t be seen from the road, its creation went unnoticed until the beginning of summer. I heard the news from spear gunners from the north side of the island and as soon as I could, drove there to have a look. To my surprise, the people of Manganitis were reluctant to give me directions to find a path leading from the road to the beach. They insisted that the place was uninteresting and also possibly unsafe because of falling rocks. Anyway, cutting through rusty fences and across thorns for almost 1h we found a way to the beach where we had the time of our lives. The following summer it was even better because the surf had washed the remaining white dirt off the stones and had made them rounder. There was no limestone mud left in the bottom and the water was the most sparkling turquoise green I have ever seen.
    Years later as the place grew a reputation, the villagers stopped being surprised and puzzled. It also became very popular to their own youths from Athens and America. It gave them one more good reason to visit homeland in the summers. The original «Why go there? It’s nothing» was replaced by «You shouldn’t miss it». I have to say here that Manganitis hasn’t relied and still doesn’t rely on tourism. Seychelles just adds up to making the remote village more known to the outside world. And as this was achieved in a sort of miraculous way, jokes started to go around in the island that it was in the intention of the tunnel builders to create a beach and that they deliberately threw the stones in the right spot. From one joke to another a «tourist legend» was born. Yet I and a few others know that this isn’t true. 16 years ago after I first visited what is today Ikaria’s major tourist attraction, I was looked at by the villagers as an eccentric -not to say, a sheer lunatic! «What is it about that place?», «What is it about that place?» they asked and all my explaining was no good as an answer. It’s just Greece. We so often miss and are unable to see the treasures that are under our nose.

    S _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S I _ _ _ _ A

    The bad news is that the beach has now lost 3/4 of its original size. In a few years the surf will have dragged the remaining pebbles out to the open deep sea. Already this cave is now filled back with water. and what was once Seychelles will be a sparkling turquoise green pool with a sparkling white marble pebble bottom. It would be great for a seal or a dolphin, wouldn’t it?…»


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  2. .

    […] the history of Seychelles beach in Ikaria […]

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