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migrated to Vientam (!) and I migrated to
I saved my last entry in Yahoo!360°  for you to see how cool that platform was. My only problem with them was censorship. How many times had they sent me  mails threatening that they would close me down over only two small sized black naked torsos that a professional fashion photographer took of me on a crazy night in Ikaria. So I included them in the entry to test (wp) . Would they censor them too? No, they didn’t. (wp) isn’t as fun as Yahoo!360° but it’s definitely serious and free.
Notice: the links don’t work. My Yahoo!360° times are over. I like Vietnam and I hope they have a good time using Yahoo!360°.

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Update 1 ღ°:
THE PHOTOS THAT Y!360 CENSORED and blacklisted my blog! 😛 Were they so shocking!?! 😛

Update 2 ღ° : Read about Y! in the Wikipedia.

«Yahoo! 360° was a personal communication portal operated by Yahoo!. It was similar to other social networking sites and while text on the site still described it as being in beta testing, in fact development has ended and the site is no longer active. Long after support ended, the promised replacement social network site has never materialized. In May 2009 Yahoo! announced that Yahoo! 360° service will be officially closed on July 13, 2009 as Yahoo! developers aimed to «focus their efforts on the new profile on Yahoo».[1] Users are given options to move their Yahoo! 360° information and blog to the new profile before this deadline.»


vixen is not connected to you in Yahoo! 360°.

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remember me Fixen? add me on the new profile please, I’m on Dharma’s list:)posted a hour ago


and kisses from Polyaigos…posted 13 hours ago

εσύ όμως γράφεις πιο ωραία -αposted 4 days ago

ζηλευω!!!! το δικο σου wordpress ειναι πιο ωωραιαιοοο!!!

posted 6 days ago

Μπράβο αγάπη μου! Σειρά μου τώρα!posted 9 days ago

I ll just be my soulsister s Doorgirl.–> Click here


Thu Jun 18 01:32pm EEST

Picture from My World (1)

Picture from My World (1)Burnt But Not Dead I will keep on posting this kind of pictures to the last moment this blog is afloat. © Ελένη ευχαριστώ ! more

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Thu May 28 01:29pm EEST

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Saturday July 7, 2009

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  1. egotoagrimi said

    This is the tumbstone of my old blog in Yahoo. I loved it. I loved its simplcicity, its playfulness and the colors. I knew it but didn’t want to accept that in times of crisis the first to fall are the biggest. I jumped onto another boat on time but still I could not believe that Yahoo was going to dump such a great blog. All for the best. Sail well, WordPress!


    Αρέσει σε 5 άτομα

  2. Eleni said


    Αρέσει σε 1 άτομο

  3. angelosk said

    I remember they had censored the sweet black and white twins. If they were such prudes, no wonder they couldn’t attract advertisments and Y!360 bankrupted.

    Αρέσει σε 4 άτομα

  4. egotoagrimi said

    I had received a very humiliating mail from Y!360 HQ about «the twins». It was then that I got the bugs. But I hoped that Y!360 would overcome the prude «childhood disease» just like Flickr had done. But it didn’t!

    Αρέσει σε 5 άτομα

  5. egotoagrimi said

    Anyway, everything about that was thrilling. I like adventures and rough grounds. Gaps and precipices are also part of MyWorld**. Nobody was hurt. Yahoo is actually creating Tumblr. It seems they have learned a lesson.

    Αρέσει σε 4 άτομα

  6. angelosk said

    Είσαι τρελό πειραχτήρι!..

    Αρέσει σε 5 άτομα

  7. […] because, as my closest friends know, a long time ago when I was a skinny little girl I worked as a model for professionals in the wild outdoors of Creta, my island of origin, and later in Ikaria as well. […]

    Αρέσει σε 3 άτομα

  8. Sabishii said

    A beautiful body like this should be celebrated, not censored! Idiots!


    Αρέσει σε 2 άτομα

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