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Burnt But Not Dead

I kept on posting this kind of pictures to the last moment my old blog was afloat.

Ikaria 221 by isl_gr

© Ελένη
ευχαριστώ !


Thursday June 18, 2009 – 01:32pm (EEST)

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Most of the times inside the worst damage of the exterior «shell», Nature keeps the power of the rebirth. The power which helps us to keep walking holding our heads up in the middle of the cyclons, which help humble grass to grow up among the tiny gaps of cement and it is the same power which keeps this planet alive.
Last years, I saw many of my favrite places to be burnt.. Wonderful yew and pine trees burnt down. This year returning there, I saw these places again green. Small plants were there and as a miracle! Small, tiny sensitive yew and pine trees again were streching their leeves to the Sun… and the best: many of the older trees which were burnt (and you though them dead) have green leaves in their wounded branches…Nature has had touched everything with her magic wand!!!

Thursday June 18, 2009 – 01:08pm (CEST)

Now that’s a great comment you should copy/ embed INSIDE the entry!

Thursday June 18, 2009 – 10:35am (PDT)

I agree! Beautifully said, Dharma!

Nature ☼ silent power ☼ Life

Thursday June 18, 2009 – 11:30pm (EEST)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I will take Dharma’s insight inside the entry but tell me…
…does anybody like my photo?

Friday June 19, 2009 – 06:13pm (EEST)

Hello! I Like The Photo!
It’s THE PHOTO on everything we are going to go through this summer in Greece.

Friday June 19, 2009 – 10:45pm (EEST)

I also like the photo. Mostly because I know now that it is not dead… It makes me optimistic to know that it has enough strength to live and become green again. It is silent and so inspiring…

Saturday June 20, 2009 – 11:52pm (EEST)

omg what is it about me that attacts poets? ;;;
Is there anybody who knows something about the «umbrella mechanism» that makes the secret of survival of this plant?

Sunday June 21, 2009 – 02:31pm (EEST)

heh; i was only joking. im sure you do –

Sunday June 21, 2009 – 02:55pm (EEST)

I know nothing about «umbrella mechanism»… Please, teach me. Maybe I can use it in my future poems…

haha… you attract the poets, but the typo expresses your intention… :-p

Sunday June 21, 2009 – 09:43pm (EEST)

~ ~ you’d like to attack the poets ~ ~

Sunday June 21, 2009 – 09:47pm (EEST)

Esor Briar attracts and then attacks? Thank goodness I am not a poet.

Sunday June 21, 2009 – 10:33pm (EEST)

«umbrella mechanism» = system particular to poteria shrubs. The plant burns, the roots survive and feed on the ashes and debris of the burnt plant.

Yes, typo talked. I am given more poems than I can take. Poetry paralyses me. When I am lucky and fast, I attack and destroy it on time. But some poems are so good that I can’t.

Tuesday June 23, 2009 – 02:11pm (EEST)

Well, good that your own umbrella mechanism lets some through!

The botanist and the poet can both know the same shrub. The poet knows through her particular experience, the botanist generalises.

Tuesday June 23, 2009 – 05:54pm (CEST)

the trekker feels

Thursday June 25, 2009 – 09:48am (EEST)

…and we only see your sweat. One lucky guy can lick it too.
Some things are hardly possible to share.

Thursday June 25, 2009 – 02:35am (PDT)

Nothing is impossible. I just don’t want to.

Friday June 26, 2009 – 02:38pm (EEST)

Thus Spoke She…
No wonder you attract poets, writers, journalists, researchers, manhunters, poachers, and … lovers.

«Nothing is impossible. I just don’t want to.»

What a sentence! I have to print that somewhere in big letters.

Friday June 26, 2009 – 11:00pm (EEST)

Yeah, print on your T-shirt and tell me what people will think about you!!!

Monday June 29, 2009 – 01:46pm (EEST)

Great words! I’d love one of those T shirts. Please send me one when printed.

Tuesday June 30, 2009 – 12:13am (BST)

OK!!! I’m checking

to steal a cool drawing and colour for it.

Wednesday July 1, 2009 – 02:15pm (EEST)


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