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¨In the end, the only demons in this world are the ones living inside our hearts, and that is where all our battles ought to be fought

(Mahatma Gandhi)



The quote was from the ‘About’ page of the blog of Jurgen who I think I have met. Jurgen has been a neo-nomad (couchsurfer) for 4 years. He has launched http://jurgenoffline.com/ for the very reasonable :

Sharing stories and pictures on this website is my way of letting my friends know that I’m still alive and out there somewhere! I’m living my own life, following my heart and dreams, and this is a trip which has taken me far from the settled life I once had.


I quote from his blog entry «Dawn» (November 2008) :

«It’s a funny thing. Nearly thirty and at last I know how I want to life. It’s been a long trip of self-exploration. I’ve had an amazing amount of freedom and time to meet people and to try life-styles which I would never have explored if I had still been in my old university routine. And at long last I’ve learned something even though I’ve no grades to show for it.

Many nights in Greece I spent on the island of Ikaria on Nas beach, a place where lots of free-floating people camp in summer. Now in Autumn it’s been quiet though, even though it’s still warm enough to sleep outside. Many nights I sleep next to the murmuring river, under an branchy tree, and at night stars appear like a carpet of beautiful tiny lights. In the past I’d feel amazement, wonder and also a slight feeling of uneasiness – in all this giant endless universe, where do I belong? Looking up at the stars now I still feel the amazement and the wonder of it all; the uneasiness is gone though. It’s like I have a deep knowing inside – here where you are right now is exactly where you need to be«.




I quote from his blog entry «Ikaria!»(October 2008) :

«… I also spent many nights outside – in caves, under trees, on the beach, etc. No city lights & no moon – so it was amazing to look up at the night sky which is covered in stars. Some people told me Ikaria is a kind of ‘robbers’ island, and it’s definitely got a good feeling to it. Met some great people, one time I came out of the high mountains tired and cold and within 10 minutes of getting to a sleeping village some good people invite me to their home. From there I started hitching, and the first car to pass, an old lady with a dog, stops. She points to the back of the pickup truck, I hop in, and enjoy the fresh air and great views as we drive down close to the sea, up through the high mountains and dodge the many goats which are roaming the roads. She lets me out in Levkada, an awesome place where there are hot springs in the sea. Of course I jump straight in for some total relaxation… And just when I start wondering where to sleep I meet four Spanish, German and Greek people whom invite me to a friends house without electricity, but with home made wine, olive trees, and lots of home grown food…«


That was from Jurgen and I wish him all the best luck.


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A couchsurfer? You know couchsurfers?

Saturday December 13, 2008 – 10:41pm (EET)

Of course! I want to know the little everything in this world that does not involve accounting!

Sunday December 14, 2008 – 08:47pm (EET)

  • DD
  • Offline

Im about to live in his shoes!

Sunday December 14, 2008 – 09:02pm (CET)

Too late for me; but again, who knows?

ps. have you actually met this Dutchy? he is cute :]

Sunday December 14, 2008 – 12:06pm (PST)

if this was the boy i met, he was fun -:

Thursday December 18, 2008 – 08:44pm (EET)



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