Jeff Soan’s Ikaria 1974 – pithari

Storage pots (pithari) are formed from red clay. The various sizes but usually large, used for storing wine and olives. Often buried in the ground or built into a terrace, and surrounded with earth and stones. The lid is often a circular slate with a hole cut in it to take a brushwood handle. Often found in groups near the wine press. Any decoration near the top is simple as they were made not to stand but to be built in and covered. They can be used to make a ‘beehive’ shaped oven

Pithari’ foorno (clay jar oven)
A pithari oven is constructed by laying a pitharii on its side and packing round with a broken pots, tiles and red clay.It is covered with earth and stones as insulation and made weatherproof. The inside his first filled with sand to a level coinciding with the lip, then red clay packed on top to a height that gives maximum use of floor space and height (usually just below centre). The clay is left to harden and then fired to a high temperature using brushwood .Ground glass can then be sprinkled to give a smooth bottom. After firing the ashes are pulled to the front and a stone placed over the door of the oven. In addition a lower door may be let in to apply extra heat during cooking.

Jeff Soan’s Ikaria 1974 – Ayia Kiriaki
‘Slow Astern’ is a position on the engine telegraph located inside the bridge of a ship. It’s purpose is to transmit the orders of the captain to the engine room below decks. ‘Slow astern’ means ‘slowly backwards’. In Greek it is ‘ΟΠΙΣΘΕΝ ΗΡΈΜΑ’. I am using this nautical term as a metaphor to say ‘slowly back to the past’ or if you wish, «a calm and sobber throwback in time».Hello!
In case some readers thought that all I love about my favorite island is nature, I hope this post will make them change their minds. Because, connected with that nature, inside that nature, befriended with that nature, a very peculiar civilization developed…


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