Jeff Soan’s Ikaria 1974 – NEROMILOS 2


From the days when much wheat was grown on the island – a ‘neromilos’ was an alternative to the ‘anemomilos’ (windmill).

Motive power obtained by water entering a 30 foot tower and being constricted at the bottom, thus emerging under pressure.

Water is stored in a large reservoir upstream and when released flows down an irrigation channel and into the top of the tower.

The diameter of the chimney at the top of the tower is 3 feet gradually decreasing in diameter, and finally curving until its horizontal and only 6 inches in diameter. The water emerges under considerable pressure onto one side of the paddle wheel effecting the required circular motion.

The main body of water exits at the front of the mill house and the remainder eddies and emerges at the side. The shaft of the paddle wheel is directly connected to the upper mill-stone. The paddles themselves numbering about 25 are hollowed out from a small log. They are called ‘koutalli’ (spoons).

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Jeff Soan’s Ikaria 1974 – Ayia Kiriaki
‘Slow Astern’ is a position on the engine telegraph located inside the bridge of a ship. It’s purpose is to transmit the orders of the captain to the engine room below decks. ‘Slow astern’ means ‘slowly backwards’. In Greek it is ‘ΟΠΙΣΘΕΝ ΗΡΈΜΑ’. I am using this nautical term as a metaphor to say ‘slowly back to the past’ or if you wish, «a calm and sobber throwback in time».Hello!
In case some readers thought that all I love about my favorite island is nature, I hope this post will make them change their minds. Because, connected with that nature, inside that nature, befriended with that nature, a very peculiar civilization developed…


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