Jeff Soan’s Ikaria 1974 – ELETRIVION

Olive press – 1st stage

Today olives are pressed for oil in modern automated presses.
Above is shown the age-old method of crushing olives in preparation for pressing.
It consists of a large slab of stone 6 feet in diameter on which the olives are placed. A smaller cylindrical stone was then rolled round and round by man or beast until the olives were ‘mushy’. This mush would then be put into a woven reed bag and placed on the press shown below. A long trunk with a flat stone attached is placed in a recess at the back and a large boulder hoisted…

Olive press – 2nd stage

… onto the further end. The oil is squeezed from the sack and it runs along the grooves in the stone beneath and into a suitable container.

Light solids in the oil are strained and used to make soap. The heavy pulp is mainly used for furnaces – it being very inflammable.

Jeff Soan’s Ikaria 1974 – Ayia Kiriaki
‘Slow Astern’ is a position on the engine telegraph located inside the bridge of a ship. It’s purpose is to transmit the orders of the captain to the engine room below decks. ‘Slow astern’ means ‘slowly backwards’. In Greek it is ‘ΟΠΙΣΘΕΝ ΗΡΈΜΑ’. I am using this nautical term as a metaphor to say ‘slowly back to the past’ or if you wish, «a calm and sobber throwback in time».Hello!
In case some readers thought that all I love about my favorite island is nature, I hope this post will make them change their minds. Because, connected with that nature, inside that nature, befriended with that nature, a very peculiar civilization developed…


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