Riding the Jumping Goats

bodysurf Ikaria August 75


Briareus, or Aegeon, the god of storm

BodySurfing at Messakti Beach, Ikaria island Aegean sea
bodysurf Ikaria 1

( * title inspired from an interesting etymology of the word «Aegean»)

Did you know the ancient Greeks had a god for bodysurfing? His name was Briareus. He didn’t look much like human because he was an ancient god from before the time of the Olympians. He was a goatish creature with a tail of a fish. Some say he was like a Capricorn like me! It goes on like …
bodysurf Ikaria August 72

… and on and on …


… and on and on …

Ikaria 296 by isl_gr.

… and on and on …
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  1. Eleni said

    What a day! What a surf! And yet we didn’t suffer any missing parts!

    Ikaria 193

    Μου αρέσει!

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