Simply Arbutus

__ part of the simply entries

__ part of the thru-hiking entries


__looking for the perfect gorge with the perfect trees

finding a jungle of Arbutus Andrachne
with the intention to crawl across it
for as long as possible
in as few clothes as possible.



The exercise ended at nightfall.

Libido went up.

For a while it was enough.

We will do it again… Watch out!


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  • ashamed Elina Lafina
Ι will cry.
  • ashamedelle
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Following very carefully.
  • ashamedAKK
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  • ashamedegotoagrimi
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# it smelt nice!!! #

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  1. elinalafina said


    Hard hard-ons and warm thanks to the photographer!


    ❤ ❤ Suck sweat gecko


    __ part of the simply entries

    __ part of the thru-hiking entries


    [gallery ids="1045,1044,1043,1040,1039,1038,1037,1035,1031,1030,1029,1028,1027" type="square" orderby="rand"]

    __looking for the perfect gorge with the perfect trees…



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