Saturnia pyri caterpillar ikaria

Saturnia pyri caterpillar ikaria

Speaking about moths, another thing you can see is this giant night butterfly –or moth. In Ikaria there are a lot. They call them νυχτοπατελούδες or ψυχάρια. They hide under the thorns for protection as well as to find moisture during daytime. At night they take off. They must be very tasty because owls hunt them a lot. I have never tasted one. There is nothing scary about them except that you can mistake them for a bat.
But these giant moths have a cute alien face with a smile.
However when they are not yet butterflies and still worms (caterpillars), they look disgusting. Or maybe not?
No! The biggest European moth’s caterpillar is NOT disgusting.
It’s got NEEDLES on its backand they are very beautiful !!!



Σύνδεσμος για Ελληνικά


The dreadful Arbutus Caterpillar


For an introduction into this stinging matter…


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