Poisonous Vipera berus in Ikaria - Αστρίτης σε δέντρο

This is Master Viper («Αστρίτης» – Vipera berus). The snake is curled up a tree. The photo was taken in a mountain gorge in Ikaria in July 2006. However, unlike some other islands, the viper is very rare in this island. It has always been so, they say. I suppose because it suffers from concurrence from the Colubrine snakes



I think also because Ikaria is not as dry as the other islands. So I have never seen a viper in my thornlands, though thorns is one of their typical habitats. Vipers like it sunny and dry.


You can tell the difference between a Colubrine snake which is a harmful as a cat, and a viper from the shapes on their backs and their necks. The Colubrine which can become very long, does not have a neck and there are no geometrical patterns on its back. When big in fact the Colubrine or Whip snake looks like a dark grey brown garden hose. Unlike it the viper looks very like a snake : silvery with dark lozenges on its back, thin neck, triangular head, forked tongue and a loud hhiiiissss!..

Yet… when we are nervous, especially us girls… can be mistaken


Anyway, all the information about the snakes of Greece is in


harmless whip snake


Saturday April 21, 2007 – 10:39pm (EEST)


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  1. Eleni said

    ξουt παλιοφιδο!

    Αρέσει σε 5 άτομα

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